to help with our special events

We have occasional potluck dinners. We plan periodic parties. We hold fund-raising events to help us provide even more services. Call us for information at 502-585-5273.

paid care giver or live-in roommate

We need families willing and able to open their home and make a long-term commitment of care. We need part-time and full-time direct-care, recreation, respite-care and other direct support personnel.



Our annual report is published each July. To see our most recent report, click here.



Make a much appreciated donation

We provide many of our consumers with special equipment to meet everyday needs. We help supply essentials from medication (not covered by Medicaid) to eyeglasses to adaptive equipment.

We’d love to send more people to summer day-camps. We work hard to ensure that basic needs are met. But we need your help, too.

Call us for information at 502-585-5273.



Become a friend, advocate or guardian

Take someone bowling, shopping, or swimming to a park or simply on rides to see the seasons change. Many of the people served by Community Living have not had secure relationships.

If you can imagine how you’d feel in that situation, it becomes easier to understand the needs we try to meet. We thank you, our friends and volunteers, for your interest and involvement in Community Living.